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Group Fitness Classes

train together

Working out and training should be lots of fun, and never lonely! Join our JSA fitness family in our extensive group fitness timetable, with options of kickboxing, cardio, strength and so much more!

Group classes run daily Monday – Saturday!

Body Transform Programs

Transform your body

8-week challenges are the best way to transform your body, and lose weight! Choose from our different programs to help you reach your goal!

Start your 8-week challenge any time!

Personal Training

Personal Training

Losing weight, hitting goals, reaching your targets – it is hard work alone! Our JSA Personal Trainers will keep you accountable, and get you to your goals!

Start your free Personal Training consult any time!

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    JSA is the leader in championing sports in children and active living in families. We believe in the power of sports in setting up children for strong and confident lives.

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