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Exercise is good for all of us – and kids are no different. Getting kids involved in sports is a great way to make sure they are physically active, helping to protect their long-term health and increasing the likelihood they will continue to be active as adults. Sports also help build their social and teamwork skills, helps them to make new friends and helps burn off energy. 
It can be tricky to get them interested in taking up a sport, let alone keeping them interested long enough to participate! If you’re wondering how to get your kids involved, here are a few tips to get them started:

  • Find out what they enjoy – This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s key to getting kids to stick with a sport. You might have to trial a few sports to find one that really sticks but there are a few ways to narrow down what sport might suit them best. What sports do they like best at school? Do they watch any sports at home? Ask them what they want to try, so that they feel like they have control over the final choice. 
  • Make sure they are in the right age group/ability level – being with the wrong ability level is an easy way for them to get frustrated or bored with their class. With kids who are too young or too far below them in terms of ability? They’ll get bored, fast. With kids who are much older or too advanced? They’ll get frustrated when they don’t reach the same goals as everyone else. 
  • Try out a school holiday camp – Want to see how they feel about a sport but don’t want to make a commitment yet? School holiday camps are a great way to get a taster!
  • Get involved – Many kids love to share their interests with anyone who’ll listen, but they like to share with their family most of all. Learn about their sport, try playing with them outside of class (if possible), watch any games they might have and ask them about their classes. Don’t be over-involved though – it’s their hobby after all!

Want to try out a sport but you don’t know where to start? JSA offers a free trial to anyone who wants to try out our junior sports. Not only that but once you’ve joined, you aren’t locked into any specific class. This means, if you start soccer (for instance) but your child decides they’d prefer to try MMA? No problem!

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JSA is the leader in championing sports in children and active living in families. We believe in the power of sports in setting up children for strong and confident lives.

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