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JSA RLSSA Swim Classes


Our JSA Swim School program utilises tried and tested swim teaching methods for school-aged children, that will equip them to be the best swimmer that they can be!


Our swim class ratios are 4 children, to 1 teacher. This is well below the recommended, and often seen, 8 children to 1 teacher ratio. JSA's Levels program for school-aged children follows the Royal Life Saving Australia (RLSSA) guidelines, and therefore meets the highest Australian swimming standards. We assess our children on a regular and ongoing basis, not at the end of every 10-week term, thus allowing children to progress at their own pace.


JSA's pool is used exclusively for swim school, meaning that unlike community public pools, we are able to maintain the highest quality of pool water hygiene, with as little chemicals as possible for sensitive skin. In addition, our pool water temperature is maintained at 32 degrees in winter, and 30 degrees in summer, so kids remain comfortable throughout the year. All JSA Swim teachers are accredited by AUSTSwim or an equivalent governing body. Our teachers are carefully selected so that we are able to provide quality and uniform teaching across all ages and levels.


As children progress through our swim school levels, our JSA Program gradually increases our focus on correct swim technique, and refinement of skills. This is because we do not believe in sacrificing correct stroke technique for distance swimming. At JSA, we know that correct technique will allow swimmers to progress through all levels to the best of their abilities!

We Are Open For Enrolments!

JSA Swim School runs a perpetual enrolment, so your child can join us for swim classes any time of the year! Get in contact with us here, and one of our coordinators will get in touch with you for your first free session!

    JSA Level Class Information

    Class Times

    At JSA Swim School, we always try to accomodate all requests for swim class times to the best of our abilities. Therefore, we do not release our time schedules as the schedule is constantly updated to suit our customers' needs.

    Class Sizes

    At JSA, our class sizes for level students are well below the RLSSA recommendations. Our classes are capped at 4 students per class, so that we are able to ensure each swimmer is able to spend quality time with their swim teachers! As such, there may be some variation in RLSSA assessment between swim schools that have bigger class ratios. Please be aware that your child may not be the equivalent in RLSSA level in JSA, as compared to another swim school.


    JSA Swim School runs weekly classes throughout the year, and we do not break during the school holiday periods. We believe that all our kids should be regularly exposed to the water, and familiarity with the water will build their water confidence and understanding. JSA Swim School does not have a cut off period for enrolment throughout the year, and you can request for your first free trial at any time!.

    Class Cost

    Cost of level swim classes are:
    $22.50/class and JSA direct debits fortnightly.

    JSA Intensive School Holiday Swim Program

    JSA Swim School runs regular school holiday intensive swim programs designed to give your child a boost in their swim journeys! Prices start at just $11 per session, and it is just 6 students in one class! We offer intensive swim programs in blocks of 1 week, or 2 weeks, for all kids from Levels 1 - junior squads. Register your interest with us here!


      JSA is the leader in championing sports in children and active living in families. We believe in the power of sports in setting up children for strong and confident lives.

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