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We all know why we should teach our kids to swim: being safe around water is a vital skill for children at any age, swimming can help them stay fit and healthy, help burn off excess energy, can increase their confidence and more. 
By far the best way to become a good swimmer is to do it consistently. Once your child begins lessons, it is important not to take long breaks, because it will often reset the progress the swimmer has made. By swimming every week (or more), they will develop the muscle memory needed to become strong swimmers and a routine makes it easier for children to settle into lessons. In fact, research has found that children most likely to reach level 4 of the Royal Lifesaving Society’s Swim and Survive Program were those who swam at least once a fortnight. 
You can help your child attend their swimming lessons more regularly by picking a lesson time that will be easy for you to attend regularly, give your child plenty of supervised swimming time outside of lessons and by swimming all year round, not just in the summer. 
Have any questions about our swimming programme and how it can help your child? Contact us today and we can let you know more!

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