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For a new mother, joining a mums’ group can be far more than just meeting up for a coffee and chat.  Becoming a parent can be isolating, exhausting and overwhelming and it’s normal to feel stressed. Meeting new parents in a similar situation can really be a lifeline. If you still haven’t made up your mind about whether to join one, there are some good reasons to give one a try.
For one thing, it’s important to create a support network as a new parent. What may seem like a chat with some new friends is one way to prevent social isolation – a major contributor to postnatal depression. Getting out of the house and enjoying a change of scenery can be a real lifesaver for someone with a new baby. 
Meeting other local mums can come in handy too. Making friends at a mums’ group comes with a built-in friend for your baby too. You’ll get a sympathetic ear from someone who knows all about how difficult it can be and the concerns you have. You’ll also get access to advice, babysitting, and emotional support. Some mums’ groups even do group fitness sessions and take turns looking after the babies! 
Science backs up the positives of the mums’ group. In 2016, a UWA study found higher levels of positive mental wellbeing, community connectedness and social support networks among mothers who participated in their local mothers’ group. 
If you’re a new mum or about to be, and you’re feeling daunted by the thought of parenthood, feeling a bit lonely or even just bored, try out a mums’ group and see how you feel. It might just be for you.

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