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Adult Fitness – Group Fitness Classes

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Time to move away from the conventional HIIT training! JSA is taking group training to a whole new level by introducing our 3 areas of focused training - strength, cardio, boxfit resistance training! We know fitness is so much more than doing the same type of workout every day, so we're here to offer you as much variety as possible, while keeping to the basic core values of fitness training. We've redesigned fitness training so that you remain constantly motivated throughout your training, and never miss a beat!

Our Focus Group Classes


Get Stronger & Leaner

Muscle hypertrophy is a fantastic way to transform your body! Our weights room strength classes will focus on getting you stronger, and leaner! Not to forget, the endorphin boost you’ll get! Classes are run by our hypertrophy-focused trainer!

Strength classes are run in the JSA weights room.


Get Fit!

Cardio training is our specialty in group classes! Cardio-based training is our all-time favourite, because when you do it together as a group, everyone have lots of fun, burn plenty of calories together, and the 45-minutes will go faster than you imagine!


Cardio classes are run daily, Monday – Saturday!

Boxing Fitness


Coached by our martial arts coaches, boxfit classes are great for boxers of all levels! You’ll sweat your way through practising new moves, and get stronger and fitter. Plus, you’ll have fun doing it and your form will be on point!


Boxfit classes run on Friday afternoons, and Saturday mornings!

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    JSA is the leader in championing sports in children and active living in families. We believe in the power of sports in setting up children for strong and confident lives.

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