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Learn From Champions And Become A Champion!

JSA Fencing Academy is led by Coach Marek, and all our fencers represent our club, state, and country in national and international competitions.


The JSA Fencing Program

JSA's fencing program is an all-encompassing training program that ensures fencers have a pathway to becoming a champion fencer! Our academy offers fencing beginner programs for those with no fencing background, as well as senior training programs for those who have trained fencing competitively for more than 12 months. Our Beginner program is suitable for all ages from 5 - 15 years old. We provide all equipment in our beginners program, so children only need to bring themselves, and a bottle of water! For those older than 15 years of age, we offer adults fencing beginners program, and you can enquire via the adult fitness program.


JSA Fencing Academy trains in our private and indoor facility all year round. As such, we are able to run a perpetual enrolment, so your child can join us for fencing classes any time of the year! Get in contact with us here, and one of our coordinators will get in touch with you for your first free session!

    Why Choose JSA's Fencing Program?

    Opportunities to progress, grow and become a champion fencer

    JSA's fencing program is designed to ensure fencers have a pathway to becoming a champion fencer! Our beginner fencers are selected based on their abilities and subsequently, graduate and progress into our dedicated Cadets Champions Fencing program, where fencers prepare to compete in state and local competitions.

    Dedicated, and experienced coaches who are passionate about fencing

    JSA's fencing coaches are carefully selected based on qualifications, knowledge and experience. All our coaches focus on introducing fencing, or building fencing skills in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

    Still unsure about fencing? Watch our video to find out why fencing is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in Australia!

    Coach Marek

    JSA Fencing training program is led by Perth's most distinguished fencing coach, and, Australian and Oaeania fencing champion, Marek Jamrozy. Since moving from Poland in 2003, Marek has represented Australia and Western Australia in national and international competitions. Marek was also the Australian representative at the 2016 Olympic Fencing Qualifiers.

    Fencers With Previous Experience

    Join Our Fencing Academy Training!

    JSA Fencing Academy regularly welcomes international junior and senior fencers from Asia and Europe to participate in our training sessions. We welcome all state, national and international fencers to our venue for training, and to experience our state of the art facility, and quality coaching.

    Academy training days are Mondays, and Wednesdays from 6pm – 8pm, and Saturdays from 11am – 2pm.

    Private 1-on-1 lessons for fencers with previous experience, with Coach Marek are also available.

    Please send us your enquiry prior to coming, or email us at, prior to your planned arrival.


      JSA is the leader in championing sports in children and active living in families. We believe in the power of sports in setting up children for strong and confident lives.

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